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Terms & Conditions

  1. myclassroom will provide Scholarship to eligible students only. Eligibility will be decided on the basis of performances in tests conducted for mySEAT & mySEATplus, subject to scoring the minimum cut off marks for scholarships.
  2. Scholarship will only be applicable on tuition fees and not on admission fees.
  3. A Student can attempt mySEAT plus exam only once, either on 30th Oct,2022 or 4th Dec,2022. In addition to this, a student can also attempt the mySEAT exam a maximum of 2 times.
  4. Scholarships will not be available for any short-term program, that is program of less than 1 year duration.
  5. Cash prize winners have to enroll in any of our programs.
  6. All Scholarship shall be valid for admission upto 31st Dec, 2022.
  7. Any misconduct or unfair practice attempted by any student will not be entertained at any level.
  8. The scholarship amount will not be redeemed or clubbed with any other scholarships or discounts of any nature.
  9. The management of myclassroom reserves all the rights to make changes/modifications/cancellations in the scholarships, rewards, fee waiver/ study centers/test centers without any prior notice to anyone.
  10. In case, student requires any clarification on any of the terms, the clarification given by the representative of myclassroom shall be final.
  11. myclassroom reserves all the rights to use the results, photographs, testimonial letters, etc , as promotional material for the institute.